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Certificate in Performing Arts:

This program provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of Bharathanatyam with a historical perspective. The rudimentary concepts of Nritha, Nrithya and Natya are explained. To portray an aesthetic profiles the student will learn about the types of instruments used in Bharathanatyam and understand basic dancing “Parlance”. In addition they will be exposed to “adavu” (The basic footsteps). A student will be required to perform a dance recital such as Alarippu, (an invocation) and Shabdam (traditional basic dance item with introduction of Bhava). Students enrolled in this course will take 1 to 3 years to complete this program.

Diploma in Performing Arts:

This program reviews the eternal passion of Abhinaya (Facial expressions) and Angas (expressive communications through the body). On completion of this one-year program after the Associate Degree the student should know how to perform the Varnam, the piece de resistance of Bharathanatyam that is immensely traditional and known for its grace, vigor and expressive brilliance and the Thodayamangalam, Pushpanjali, Thillana and Padam which explores the various Rasas, Bhavas and Nayikas.